Engedjétek meg, hogy tolmácsoljam Michał Zieliński az egyesületnek küldött levelét:

I would like to invite Hungarian brewers to take part in the 5th edition of “Łódzki Konkurs Piw Domowych”, which will be organised in the second half of April 2018 in Łódź (the centre of Poland). We have 5 styles:
1) Hoppy Saison
2) Mint Stout
3) American Wheat
4) Herbal Pale Ale
5) Gose with ingredients

I send you description of 4 styles in attachment. Below you can find particular informations about the cup:

Please send send the informations to Hungarian Brewers. If they decide to take part in our cup, I could transport the beers from Budapest to Łódź in March 2018, when I arrive to the Hungarian Beer Cup. There is no problem with it.

Mint Stout EN Herbal Pale Ale EN Gose EN American Wheat EN

Łódzki Konkurs Piw Domowych