Second Croatian International Homebrew Competition Rules:

1. All BJCP categories will be accepted except meads and braggots. Only barley based beers. We will also accept Black IPAs. Black IPA category description will be supplied separately.

2. Maximum of 5 entries per person, 1 entry per category.

3. 1 liter of beer must be supplied for each entry. Bottles of 33 or 50 cl will be accepted.

4. Beer must be packaged in bottles with no markings of any kind. No raised glass, no logos, no labels, no marks on the cap. If the cap has marks on it, black them out with a marker before entering.

5. Each beer must have a bottle ID form attached to it with a rubber band. Do NOT use tape or glue, ONLY a rubber band.

6. Each entrant must also supply an entry form (can be found in separate document).

7. Deadlines for entries is May 25th, 2013. If you are attending the competition from a long distance away, entries will be accepted until 9AM on June 1st, 2013, the day of the competition.

8. Categories will be consolidated. So, it is likely that Robust Porter, Brown Porter, Dry Stout, Foreign Extra Stout and American Stout will be judged together, for example. Judges will judge the beers against the category in which they are entered, though. So, a dry stout that is made perfectly to style will get a very good score while a Foreign Extra Stout which is a better beer but tastes like a Porter and not a Stout will score lower.

9. With that in mind, please make sure you enter the correct category. We will not be reassigning beers. They will be judged in the category in which they are entered. If you enter an Imperial Stout as a Belgian Dark Strong Ale instead, you get a very, very low score even if the beer is good.

10. The entry fee for each entry is 10 kuna or 1.5 euros. No other currency will be accepted.

11. This competition is registered with the BJCP and will follow that style of judging. All judges have had sensory training with the Siebel Sensory Flavor Kit. Judges cannot judge in categories in which they are entered. The judges pool is closed and we are not accepting any new judges.

The competition can be seen on the BJCP schedule here:

12. For people attending the competition, there will be a fee for entry to help cover the costs of food. The entry fee will be 50 kuna or 7 euros per person. No other currency will be accepted.

Contact and submission:

Piva se mogu ostaviti ili poslati na adresu:

Magic beer room Dr. Luje Naletilica 4, Zagreb, HR. 01 6522 478 091 5385 420 (Ludo, pa provjerite da li je tamo ako dolazite van radnog vremena)

Novac za prijavu molimo zajedno sa prijavnim listom staviti u kuvertu uz pivo ili predate Ludi.


Beers can be left or sent to:

Magic beer room Dr. Luje Naletilica 4, Zagreb, HR. 01 6522 478

Please put money for entry fee together with submission form in envelope next to beers.

——————————————————————– ——————————————————————–

For all additional information please send email to Andrej ( or call +385-98-583-588

We wish you best of lock on competition and cheers!




Within walking distance

Hostel ARENA

Hotel I

Within 10 mins by car


Apartmani ALTIS


Motel/Auto-Camp PLITVICE


A verseny teljes eredeti kiírása pdf formátumban: natjecanje2013

Címkék a sörösüveghez: horvat_jelolo_cimke_2013
Csak ezt szabad az üvegre rögzíteni (lásd a kiírást)!!!

Nevezési lap: Prijavni_list_2013

II. Horvát nemzetközi házisörfőző verseny, Zágráb 2013

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