Competition statutes – Prague International Homebrew Award

(1)   Beer portal in cooperation with its partners is organizer of the competition.

(2)   All non-commercial homebrewers from  the Czech Republic or abroad have the right to participate

(3)   Beer made from concentrates or basic ingredients will be let in the competition.

(4)   There are the following competition categories:

  1. pale beer up to 12,99 ° Plato Bohemian Type
  2. pale beer over 13,00 ° Plato Bohemian Type
  3. dark and amber beer  Bohemian Type
  4. wheat beer Bavarian Type
  5. top fermented beer whatever beer style
  6. bottom fermented beer whatever beer style

(5)   Place and time of the competition – Saturday 3rd December 2012 Vyšší odborná škola ekonomických studií a Střední průmyslová škola potravinářských technologií Praha 2, Podskalská 10.

(6)   Applications shall be sent before 30th  November 2012 to

(7)   Beer samples shall be delivered before 1st December 2011 by mail or in person to Pivovar Kocour Varnsdorf, Rumburská 1920, 407 47 Varnsdorf. The samples can be also delivered in person to brewery pub Pivovarský dům, Ječná/Lípová 15, 120 44 Praha 2 (for attention of the brewer Martin Vávra) or to beer shop Pivní rozmanitost, Husitská 37, Praha – Žižkov. Slovak homebrewers can  deliver their samples by mail or in person to Pivovar Kaltenecker, Zakarpatská 28, Rožňava ( +421 587 329 105). You can also bring the beers with you after prior booking on the day of the competition to the venue of the competition.

(8)   The basic chemical analysis will be done at Pivovar Svijany after the competition itself so that all samples are analysed at the same time.

(9)   The samples have to be marked by the following information:

  1. Name, Address and Contact details of the producer
  2. Name of the beer and category

One producer can apply with maximum 3 beers in one category.

Each  label has to look like this:

“Category – Surname of the homebrewer –Number of the sample in the given category – Name of the beer”

(10)     Each producer has to label each package by beer brand and category of the competition.

(11)      Entrance fee for the competition is 100 CZK for one entry.

(12)      Two litres of each sample shall be delivered (contained in at least two separate packages for analysis and tasting)

(13)      Panel of evaluators will consist of independent experts appointed by organizers of the competition.

(14)       The Winner of each category will become the beer with highest sum of points from all evaluators. In case of equal number of points at the rewarded places, the best and worst grades are cancelled. If the equality remains, the position at the place is divided.

(15)      Three best beers in each category will receive the Award. If there are only four samples in the category, then two beers will receive the Award.  If there are only three samples in the category, then only one winner will receive the Award.  If there are less than three samples in a category, the category will be cancelled and the entrance fee returned.

(16)      Those at first three places will receive a diploma. Winners of categories will receive from partner of the competition Bohemia Hop company 1 kg free choice of hop pellets.

(17)     The overall winner (the highest sum of points of all beers) will receive a diploma and a possibility to  make one brew at the Kocour Brewery in Varnsdorf according to his own recipe (before 1st April 2013). He will get 150 l of beer in a keg from this brew. All costs except for the brewing costs shall be covered by the winner.

(18)      Results will be announced on 3rd December 2012 during the D Day of Czech in Podskalská (Prague 2).


In Děčín on 18th October 2012
Jan Kočka
Head organizer of the competition

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